cytologic specimen

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cy·to·log·ic spec·i·men

a specimen obtainable by a variety of methods from many areas of the body, including the female genital tract, respiratory tract, urinary tract, alimentary tract, and body cavities; used for cytologic examination and diagnosis (for example, cytologic smears, filter preparations, centrifuged buttons).
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We would like to thank the faculty and residents in the Family Medicine Center and OB/GYN Clinic who assisted with specimen collection, Jim Best for processing and interpreting cytologic specimens, Aisha Lavin for data management assistance, and April Dean for manuscript preparation.
Some important technical aspects need to be considered for successful FISH on cytologic specimens (7): to prevent cell loss during pretreatment and DNA denaturation, the use of adhesive slides with electrostatic positive charge is recommended.
Residual cells from the liquid-based cytologic specimen and cells in the STM tube were then tested for carcinogenic HPV using the HC II and HCT HPV assays, respectively.
5,6) Several recent articles have discussed the preanalytic variables in cytologic specimens and the need for standardization to validate and evaluate molecular testing in lung cancer using a variety of cytologic preparations.
If IHC is regularly done on cytologic specimens that are not processed in the same manner as the tissues used for assay validation (eg, alcohol-fixed cell blocks, air-dried smears, formalin-postfixed specimens), laboratories should test a sufficient number of such cases to ensure that assays consistently achieve expected results.
4 389 Written procedure includes 697 specification(s) for validating IHC tests performed on cytologic specimens Yes, for both predictive and 254 36.
Detection of EGFR mutations in archived cytologic specimens of non-small cell lung cancer using high-resolution melting analysis.
ThinPrep processor: clinical trials demonstrate an increased detection rate of abnormal cervical cytologic specimens.
Similar to core biopsies, low tumor content or DNA quality may be encountered in cytologic specimens despite safeguards in tissue acquisition, preparation, and use.
All of these will be used for exploration, and because of their controlled manipulability, the physician will be able to obtain cytologic specimens with instruments inserted through them.