keratin filaments

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ker·a·tin fil·a·ments

a class of intermediate filaments that form a network within epithelial cells and anchor to desmosomes, thus imparting tensile strength to the tissue.
See also: tonofilament.
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Nonspecific intermediate filaments were present but no cytokeratin filaments or myofilaments.
Distribution of cytokeratin filaments and vimentin in developing human taste buds.
22), increased serum CYFRA 21-1 is the result not only of cytokeratin release as a consequence of cell lysis or necrosis, but also of the degradation of cytokeratin filaments by activated protease in tumor cells.
13] Mallory bodies have been demonstrated to be clumps of denatured cytokeratin filaments, located close to the nucleus in he patocytes undergoing hydropic degeneration (Figure 3).
Cytokeratin filaments are insoluble or poorly soluble in aqueous systems unless they are first processed to soluble fragments (8).