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Pertaining to cytoarchitecture.
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Comparison of gene expression changes with alterations in uterine weight and histologic alterations, and analysis of gene expression data according to gene function allowed us to implicate specific groups of genes in driving water imbibition in the stromal endothelium, synchronous cell proliferation, and cytoarchitectural changes associated with luminal epithelial cell differentiation.
We plan to repeat this process in a sample of brains so that we can quantify cytoarchitectural variability," said Dr.
Appendiceal mucinous tumors with extra-appendiceal neoplastic epithelium are classified as mucinous adenocarcinomas and subcategorized as low-or high-grade because increasingly severe cytoarchitectural atypia is associated with poorer outcome.
Moderate and poorly differentiated angiosarcomas have very heterogeneous cytoarchitectural features.
Noninvasive IPMNs have a spectrum of cytoarchitectural atypia (Figure 5).
Most IOPNs qualify for classification as carcinomas in situ based on the exuberance of papillary elements, the large nuclei, prominent nucleoli, and mitotic activity; however, the relationship between this cytoarchitectural complexity and the potential for malignancy has yet to be fully documented.
The biopsies were classified in 3 groups based on the severity of cytoarchitectural changes (mild, moderate, and severe).
There was no correlation between modifications in expression of other mucins and either the etiologies or the severity of cytoarchitectural changes.
The results were correlated with the cytoarchitectural alterations and etiologies.
The cytoarchitectural features were consistent with fibrolamellar carcinoma.