cystic bronchiectasis

cys·tic bron·chi·ec·ta·sis

bronchiectasis in which the bronchi end in blind sacs greater in diameter than the draining bronchi.
See also: saccular bronchiectasis.
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Hence, at last, the patient was diagnosed as having cystic bronchiectasis with intracystic hemorrhage.
sup][1] Cystic bronchiectasis appears ballooned or cystic or saccular airways, often exceeding 2 cm in diameter.
They were graded as 0 for no bronchiectasis, 1 for tubular bronchiectasis, 2 for varicose bronchiectasis and 3 for cystic bronchiectasis, with one extra mark per lobe if central bronchiectasis was present.
Cystic bronchiectasis is the most severe form among these three types.
The differential diagnosis includes pleuropulmonary blastoma (PPB), pulmonary sequestration, congenital lobar emphysema, diaphragmatic hernia, bronchogenic cyst and cystic bronchiectasis.
The bronchi terminate in sacular, or cystic bronchiectasis in balloon-like structures.
The aforementioned cratering and ulceration is typically observed in cystic bronchiectasis and represents the greatest degree of lung remodeling.