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Of, relating to, or having the shape of a cylinder, especially of a circular cylinder.
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Figure 5 shows the power number of the HE-3 impeller for a range of impeller diameters in both baffled and unbaffled square tanks as well as a baffled cylindrical tank of the same diameter (T = 0.
Neutron activation studies were performed to measure the thermal neutron densities inside cylindrical converters inserted into the YAGUAR reactor channel.
Some of those lost may be in a red plastic cylindrical container which is 15cm long and 6cm in diameter and marked with its contents.
Pohl suspects that the cylindrical seal was used to imprint clothing with the King 3 Ajaw symbol.
It has been known since 1895 that the type of epithelium in the nasal mucosa varies by anatomic site, being of a stratified squamous type in the anterior portion of the nasal cavity and of a cylindrical ciliated type in the most posterior portion.
bearing cylindrical roller singlew row with polyamide cage :- skf nu 311 ecp or fag nu-311 e-tvp2
Table 52: French Historic Review for Grinding Machines by Product Segment - Surface Grinding Machines, Cylindrical Grinding Machines, Center-less Grinding Machines, and Other Grinding Machines Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales in US$ Thousands for Years 2006 through 2012 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-37 Table 53: French 15-Year Perspective for Grinding Machines by Product Segment - Percentage Breakdown of Dollar Sales for Surface Grinding Machines, Cylindrical Grinding Machines, Center-less Grinding Machines, and Other Grinding Machines Markets for Years 2006, 2014 & 2020 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-38 4b.
The company's cylindrical blenders/dryers are said to be ideal for high-temperature processing of slurries, pastes, granular materials, pellets and powders under vacuum, atmospheric or positive pressure.
However, none of the said models considered the geometric form of the cylindrical shell of carbon nanotubes.
At first, researchers focused on the determination of the buckling load in the linear elastic zone, but experimental studies showed that the buckling capacity of thin cylindrical shells is much lower than the amount determined in the classic theories [3, 4].
There are cylindrical bottles (50-1000 ml), carousel bottles (125-1000ml) and rectangular bottles (250-2000ml).
Patented recently is an absorbent tampon comprising: a chevron shaped mass of absorbent material which has been axially compressed into a generally cylindrical, self-sustaining form, wherein subsequent to the axial compression the generally cylindrical, self-sustaining form has a diameter of less that about 22 mm, the tampon having an absorbent capacity as measured by the syngyna test of between about 12 to about 15 grams, the tampon being fluid expanding, and the tampon having an expanded width upon fluid absorption of at least about 27 mm.