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Of, relating to, or having the shape of a cylinder, especially of a circular cylinder.
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A ring resonator is formed by removing a cylindrical plug around the axis of a CR.
When the cylindrical valve is used to shut down the turbine, the flow field becomes extremely turbulent.
Cylindrical container of 2 liters of polyethylene (hdpe) trasluccido.
Detailed examination of their baggage resulted in the recovery of two cylindrical bars weighing 2,000 grams which were concealed in the transformer of microwave," an official note read.
The shown solution for reduction of the friction force between pistons and cylindrical bores increases contact area that also means an alignment of the piston and the bore.
18-20] developed a series of methods to investigate free vibration of different cylindrical shells with general elastically restrained boundaries, such as composite laminated cylindrical shells and a three-layered passive constrained layer damping (PCLD) cylindrical shell, considering elastic restraints and intermediate ring supports.
The Revolvo line of split-to-the-shaft cylindrical roller bearing housed units means the bearing can be installed without requiring access to the shaft ends.
Vibrations of cylindrical shells are the most widely studied area of research because of their simple geometrical shapes.
Composite materials are used in a circular cylindrical shell of glass fiber with epoxy resin.
16 July 2014 - US metal bearing components manufacturer NN Inc (NASDAQ:NNBR) said it had taken over cylindrical rollers maker Chelsea Grinding Co, without disclosing the financial terms of the transaction.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian materials engineering researchers from Sharif University of Technology investigated electrochemical growth mechanism of gold nanowires and nanotubes by matching the recorded current response during the reduction of ionic parts of gold (during the electrochemical growth of nanowires/nanotube) and corresponding response with cylindrical ultramicro electrodes arrays.