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Shaped like a cylinder; referring to a cylinder.
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Leaves not dimorphic, all of similar sizes; strobili cylindric or sporangia solitary in axils of leaves Lycopodiaceae (in part)
Fruit an ovoid to cylindric septicidal capsule; seeds with testa cells usually elongated; embryo with 2 cotyledons.
We used cylindric sample tubes for solid soot and the hexane and toluene liquid analyses, and quartz flat cells for the other solvents.
Branches ovoid or short cylindric with a stout 2-4 cm long, 1-bracteate peduncle, 1-4 cm long, 5 to 16-flowered, spreading at 45[degrees] - 90[degrees] from the axis at anthesis; floral bracts broadly elliptic, broadly acute, 5-8 x 4-6 mm, thin coriaceous, nerved, sparsely lepidote, red or red tipped with white.
Inflorescence simple, ellipsoid to cylindric, 8-12 x 4-5 cm, 45 to 60 flowered; floral bracts narrowly elliptic, acute, 35-55 x 12-18 mm, thin coriaceous, ecarinate, somewhat rugose, scattered punctate-lepidote, dark red, drying castaneous.
2 m high, twice branched, scape fleshy, erect, cylindric, 2.
Inflorescence erect, simple, ellipsoid to cylindric, 6u8 x 4u5 cm, 30 to 45-flowered; floral bracts broadly ovate, acute, 18u28 x 10u20 mm, tightly imbricate except for the spreading apex, thin coriaceous to chartaceous, very brittle when dried, slightly nerved, sparsely appressed-lepidote, bright golden yellow; flowers erect, subsessile, mostly concealed by the floral bracts, spreading at ca 30[degrees] from the axis at anthesis; sepals elliptic, acute, 17u18 mm long, thin coriaceous, nearly even, the adaxial pair carinate and connate for 4u5 mm, yellow green; corolla erect, exserted beyond the floral bract at anthesis; petals cucculate, lingulate, obtuse, 24-25 mm long, yellow tipped white or pale yellow-green.