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Shaped like a cylinder; referring to a cylinder.
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Leaf-lobules cylindric to long cylindric, 207-210 x 62-65 [micro]m, distant to the stem, forming an angle of 45[degrees] to the stem (patent).
Scape cylindric, compact, grayish, approximately 70 cm long; lower bracts imbricate, narrowly triangulate, acuminate.
Additionally, long bore lengths in cylindric MR scanners can be uncomfortable for obese patients who might become claustrophobic if the entire torso is in the bore.
Slips take place by shearing on a somewhat cylindric slip surface.
Commonly known as "guaco", the plant grows as a timbered shrub with a branched cylindric stem (Castro et al.
Main diacritic features of the specimen from Barbera dell Valles are the long, cylindric spikes, small glumes ca.
We obtained cylindric DU pellets from Manufacturing Sciences Corporation (Oak Ridge, TN).
7) as "Stem terete, simple or branched, cylindric or subcylindric; surface nearly smooth, without transverse ridges, apparently hollow".
1994) as cylindric with short branches and those of yellow foxtail as dense, erect and cylindric, which agreed with descriptions of foxtail plants collected in Kansas (Gates, 1936, 1941).
The relational model of data and cylindric algebras.
In order to treat the hiding operator of the language, a general notion of existential quantifier is introduced which is formalized in terms of cylindric algebras [Henkin et al.