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A nonpersistent nerve agent. Its NATO code is GF.
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Iraq also acknowledged possession of four types of aerial bomb with agents including sulphur mustard, tabun, sarin and cyclosarin.
He also retains the capability to produce the mass-casualty chemical agents mustard gas, tabun, sarin, cyclosarin and VX.
One of these bunkers is now believed to have held chemical munitions, specifically 122-mm rockets filled with sarin or cyclosarin mixes.
In the mid-1990s, Needham recognized the potential threat of chemical warfare agents, such as nerve agents, and implemented a program to develop and validate methodology to measure metabolites of the five most common nerve agents: sarin, soman, tabun, cyclosarin, and VX.
These officials have said Iraq's chemical stocks include the deadly nerve agents sarin, cyclosarin and VX and amustardagent.