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A closed ring hydrocarbon containing five carbon atoms, isomeric with pentene.
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15] Palette compound FGF-LLNL FGG-LLNL n-Butane 0 0 2-Methyl butane 0 0 2-Methyl hexane 0 0 Cyclopentane 14 14 1,2,4-T rimethy lbenzene 0 31 1-Hexene 14 9 n-Heptane 7 8 2,2,4-Trimethylpentane 53 38 Toluene 12 0 Table 6.
Hydrocarbons like 1-hexene, Cyclopentane ethylidene-, Cyclohexene 3-methyl-, Cyclopentane 1,2-dimethyl-, Cyclohexane methyl-, Cyclopentane ethyl- which are mostly cyclic in nature, are not present among the major compounds in the parent catalytic oil but here in the lighter fraction distilled at 100C, these have got a significant level in respect of concentration.
They formed the hydrates from water and carbon dioxide with the gases cyclopentane and cyclohexane, which made the method work more efficiently.
Cyclopentane is already widely used by the appliance industry in many regions around the world due to its lower GWP.
6 % 2-methylbutane as a major impurity and the balance consisting of methylcyclobutane and cyclopentane.
Although cyclopentane concentration decreased, the only benzene concentration decreased 10 times among all aromatic hydrocarbons because it has a greater diffusion factor of all aromatic hydrocarbons; the concentrations of other representatives increased considerably during evaporation.
The Monogram will use cyclopentane, another hydrocarbon, as the insulation foam-blowing agent to replace commonly used HFC foam-blowing agents.
Perforatum Leaves No Compound RT (a) Composition(%) 1 Cyclopentane, methyl- 5.
This compares with GWP of 11 for cyclopentane, 1300 for HFC-134a, and 950 for HFC-245fa.