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Denoting or relating to cyclopia.
Synonym(s): cyclopean

cyclopean, cyclopian

pertaining to a cyclops.

cyclopean deformity
there are two identified causes in animals, poisoning of sheep by the plant veratrumcalifornicum, and one of the two forms of inherited prolonged gestation in cattle.
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David Hayman and Andre Topia have drawn up two differing catalogues of the discourses parodied in the Cyclopean interpolations.
It is the debased white goddess who presides in terror at the boxing ring of history that ushers in the first ruse or trick of Anancy "death," half electrocuted, half punch-drunk, invisible man and his awakening into himself as clothed in a Cyclopean (Homeric) mask.
At this point, therefore, we expect the Cyclopean assembly to commence: after calling his community together, the convener is now to rise and announce his agenda.
Maybe we didn't fully appreciate that fifty years ago, of course, as we lay sprawled, terrified, on the living room carpet before the Motorola and the onslaught of that awful cyclopean Martian Eye.
His walls are built with rough cyclopean masses, the face dressed, but otherwise shapeless as from the quarry, cemented with a lime as hard as the granite itself.
However, eloquent men across the Mersey in Liverpool, stooped by the humping of crates and impassioned by their cocktail of bitter and brown ale, had nicknamed Birkenhead the One Eyed City, which suggests that the original residents belonged to a Cyclopean tribe.
It is here that Liverpool garnered the harvest of the Seven Seas, stowing it in gloomy cyclopean warehouses--one of which, the Stanley Tobacco Warehouse, is the largest on earth--ranged bleakly along the river lip.
But especially an eye between her legs, a great Cyclopean eye blinding her with its salivas and dilations.
moves about in a universe where certain current values are somewhat outside the flow and where the most immense of things may be reduced to something unimaginably small and the minutest of things may be changed to an object of Cyclopean dimensions.
Such joco-serious tendencies are visible in the perfect muteness of Moot (all works 2014), for instance, a hyperreal life-size trio (stringless acoustic guitar, microphone, stool) that proposes the equipment for an intimate concert of silence; in the tiny Cyclopean eye of See, a minuscule eyeball wedged in the opposite corner of the room like a downsca led, anthropomorphized recasting of his untitled gum-ball piece of 1990; and in the improbable Purple Balloon, a doppelganger object so precisely resembling its subject that it thwarts the usual circuitry of signifier and signified.
40 R 34 to R 47 120 to 2193 ml, : - Restructure the book type cyclopean concrete masonry millstone and the right looks poor, with longitudinal cracks, oblique open with significant inflows of water and seeps, : - Seal the book immersed in groundwater to eliminate water ingress and to fight against environmental pollution, : - Improve hydraulic flow and the sealing resuming the strike, : - Injection device with collage effect regeneration : - Recovery and treatment of open cracks and joints in concrete and repair the raft : - Treatment of galleries and chimneys manholes.