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A class of proteins involved in regulation of the cell cycle.


Any of a class of proteins that fluctuate in concentration at specific points during the cell cycle and that regulate the cycle by binding to a kinase.


one of a class of intracellular proteins that appear during the eukaryotic cell cycle. The cyclin concentration increases during the cycle until halfway to the mitosis stage, when it drops to zero. Cyclin may act as a molecular switch that activates mitosis when its concentration reaches a certain point.


A gene on chromosome 20pter-p12 that encodes a homotrimeric nuclear protein that is a cofactor of DNA polymerase delta. PCNA is ubiquinated in response to DNA damage and is involved in RAD6-dependent DNA repair.
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The A and B interface is also well conserved and act as secondary binding site for other proteins while cyclin fold structural motif is also the part of both A and B domains.
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The work supports the idea that cancer-causing proteins like cyclin D1 may drive cancer progression in part via miRNA biogenesis," he said.
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