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The false belief that one is suffering from a disease that was learned about on the Internet or on a specific Website.
[cybernetics, fr. G. kybernētikos, skilled in governing or piloting, + [hypo]chondria]
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They described cyberchondria as "unfounded increases in health anxiety based on the review of web content.
The researchers say search engine architects have a responsibility to work against cyberchondria by, among other things, improving the way search results are ranked.
alpha geek (top techie), beenz (e-currency), blamestorming (group discussion of where blame lies), cyberchondria (suffered by over-anxious visitors to the NHS's new website), feck (from Father Ted), give it up for (way of introducing a band or celebrity), gettin' jiggy with it (catchphrase of actor/singer Will Smith), joined-up government (integrated government), and, jostling to become the name for the first years of the new millennium, the Noughties, the Oh-Ohs, the Twenty-somethings, and the Zeros.
My cyberchondria has been around since roughly the same time.
Symptoms of cyberchondria include going online several times a day for medical information, fitting your supposed symptoms to new information you find, and letting other aspects of your life - relationships and work - suffer because of your online time.
Hypochondria, the excessive fear of illness, has now been overtaken by cyberchondria - the same fear made much worse, fuelled by volumes of easily-accessible material available on the Internet.