Web Rage

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Extreme anger caused by internet (world wide web) frustrations such as slow downloads, broken links, and searches that return useless information
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Similarly, being a cyberbully is linked to more maladaptive behaviours (inability to cope with certain environments) and social anxiety problems.
0 Cyberbullying Victims' Experience (N = 62) Types of media used to cyberbully Social networks (MySpace [TM], Facebook [TM], Twitter [TM], etc.
The Court sided with the young female victim, granting her request to pursue the identity of her cyberbully anonymously.
When a minor becomes a cyberbully it is often a result of the lack of parental communication and/or understanding of the phenomena, including the enabling technology.
Furthermore, when students attack others in cyberspace, they are not likely to see an immediate response from their victims; consequently, students who cyberbully often do not have an accurate idea of the inappropriateness of their conduct (Hinduja & Patchin, 2011).
Additionally, this study found some overlap between cyberbully victimization and involvement in traditional bully perpetration and victimization experiences with peers at school.
The child who is being bullied should immediately stop engaging with the cyberbully, and then block and report the cyberbully.
The demands on schools to tackle the cyberbully will continue to grow.
Schreiber points out that the cyberbully doesn't see his or her victim, which makes it easier to have less empathy than in a face-to-face interaction.
Cyberbully research center [Identifying the causes of cyberbullying].
Girls are more likely to cyberbully than boys because girls tend to gravitate toward social network sites and boys tend to gravitate toward sites where they can play online games.