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Any premeditated, politically-motivated attack by sub-national groups or clandestine agents against information, computer systems, computer programs, and data which results in violence against non-combatant targets
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If the country where attacks take place treats the cyber-attack as a kind of a physical attack at their discretion and decide to do a retaliatory act with military force, there will be a serious conflict with the country that has a different criteria To prevent cyber-terrorism, consistent developments of cyber security technologies and concluding the treaties about cyber-terrorism between allied nations is also equally important.
The panel agreed that cyber-terrorism is a national security issue that needs to be addressed quickly in a bipartisan manner.
A virus in cyber-terrorism is like releasing a blown up balloon - you don't know where it's going to end up and may even return to hit you in the face,' Mr Cluley added.
FBI warnings about cyber-terrorism have heightened awareness of the possible vulnerabilities the Internet brings to a company.
One team will tackle counterterrorism measures in Japan while one of the other two will deal with cyber-terrorism, the officials said.
The government plans to establish expert groups at government entities within a year to gather information with private-sector cooperation on cyber-terrorism to prevent computer attacks, government sources said Monday.
Interactive presentations that feature analytical breakdown of a cyber-attack, the impact of cyber-terrorism on Critical Infrastructure elements and the reliability standards created by the North American Electricity Reliability Corporation (NERC) for cyber-security
The training aims at boosting capabilities in fight against terrorism, evacuation, psychological operations, strategic communications, future planning, search and rescue, protection of vital facilities, fighting cyber-terrorism and logistic support.
Topics include assessment of the terrorism threat to India, US decision-making in the "war on terror," the history of US policy towards Pakistan-sponsored terrorism, the US-Israeli relationship and the "war on terror," the development of Sunni and Shia militant organizations following the US invasion of Iraq, the varied political motives of terrorists, contradictions in definitions of terrorism, "links between Islamic faith and Muslim violence," the feasibility of nuclear terrorism, India's response to domestic terrorism, detection and prevention of cyber-terrorism, terrorism and the media, and the Sri Lankan experience with the suicide bombers of the Liberation Tiger Tamil Elam.
Dan's areas of expertise include: -- Cyber-Terrorism and Cyber-Security -- National security and defense -- Critical network infrastructure and information protection -- Electronic Risk Management for corporate insider threats WHAT: Dan Verton will be holding a book signing for Black Ice: The Invisible Threat of Cyber-Terrorism at the RSA Conference 2005 on Tuesday, February 15th at Reconnex's booth, #936, in the South Hall.
Resilient to machine and human imperfections such as intrusions, mistakes, accidents and cyber-terrorism, the price to pay for implementing data protection is not an option.
Almost four in ten (38pc) think conventional weapons are the most likely tactic to be used by terrorists along with cyber-terrorism (32pc),chemical or biological attacks (18pc)and radiological or nuclear terrorism (12pc).