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The radical -O-CΞN or ion (CNO)-.
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Cyanate uptake was similar in the colon tumor and the host colon mucosa, so that the different sensitivities to cyanate could not be attributed to different entry paths in normal and neoplastic tissue.
2, in the initial stage (0-40 min), the consumption of cyanate (2270-2235 [cm.
Performance, combustion and emission characteristics of PZT loaded cyanate modified epoxy coated combustion chamber in diesel engine, International journal of Engineering Science and Technology, 2(7): 2876-2885.
He covers unsaturated polyester resins, poly(urethane)s, epoxy resins, phenol/formaldehyde resins, urea/formaldehyde resins, melamine resins, furan resins, silicones, acrylic resins, cyanate ester resins, bismaleimide resins, terpene resins, cyanoacrylates, benzocyclobutene resins, reactive extrusion, compatibilization, rheological control, grafting, acrylic dental fillers, and toners.
Noryl SA90 resin, designed as an additive for epoxy and cyanate ester-based thermosets, provides lower dielectric constant and loss factor to enable better high-frequency performance (1-10 gigahertz (GHz)) in epoxy-based PCBs to help customers meet the demand for higher operating frequencies and non-halogenated FR systems.
The detoxification and neutralization process converts cyanide into a less toxic cyanate, before combining it with the mine tailings.
In humans, isocyanic acid is mainly formed by the spontaneous decomposition of urea into cyanate and ammoniac, which occurs in aqueous solutions according to an equilibrium that favors urea more than 99% (12).
Urea-derived cyanate forms epsilon-amino-carbamoyl-lysine (homocitrulline) in leukocyte proteins in patients with end-stage renal disease on peritoneal dialysis.
1) In carbamylation, cyanate binds the amino acid lysine in proteins to form homocitrulline.
Compared to free cyanide, this sodium cyanate is less but still toxic.
Bioactivation of cyanide to cyanate in sulfur amino-acid deficiency: relevance to neurological disease in humans subsisting on cassava.