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A homeopathic remedy formulated from the cuttlefish, a soft mollusk native to the Mediterranean Sea; it is used primarily for female disorders, such as premenstrual syndrome, physical and emotional changes during pregnancy, prolapsed uterus and pain with sexual intercourse. Sepia is also used for abdominal bloating, violent coughing, fatty food-related indigestion, genital herpes, hair loss, headaches, itching, increased sweating, “liver spots” on skin, low back pain, motion sickness, sinusitis, varicose veins and vertigo.


Computer software in the UK used to maintain data about care performance.


a member of the Cephalopoda family of molluscs with a bony structure (gladius) internally. This boatlike structure is a common finding at the sea's edge and is much used as a dietary supplement and plaything for caged birds.
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David Hyde during his work experience at Cuttlefish.
This week, engineers at Cornell University report on their invention of stretchable surfaces with programmable 3D texture morphing, a synthetic "camouflaging skin" inspired by studying and modeling the real thing in octopus and cuttlefish.
Here, we show robust performance of an experimentally tractable squid, Euprymna scolopes, in a validated operant conditioning task used extensively in cuttlefish (Messenger, 1971, 1973; Chichery and Chichery, 1992; Agin et al.
The cuttlefish body consists of a somewhat dorso-ventrally flattened mantle (the main body) containing the cuttlebone (or sepion) and viscera, a head bearing large, highly developed eyes and a mouth surrounded by eight suckerlined arms.
KEY WORDS: genetic diversity, cuttlefish Sepia pharaonis, microsatellite, Persian Gulf
Add the cuttlefish, mussels and clams, followed by the stock - the pan must be really hot in order to make it boil fast.
Benny tells the reader all about his life in the sea just beyond our beaches and introduces us to his neighbours such as crabs, starfish, sea snails, barnacles, sea anemones, squat lobsters, seals, cuttlefish and many others.
My only experience of cuttlefish is that when I was little we used to buy it for our budgie as a treat.
The mollusks (octopi, cuttlefish and one squid) suggest heads and the worms suggest bodies.
The pharaoh cuttlefish Sepia pharaonis Ehrenberg, 1831, is one of the most important species exploited along the Eastern Arabian Sea.
Set after Freer's Cuttlefish (Pyr, 2012/VOYA October 2012), this alternate history finds the wounded British submarine Cuttlefish has reached "the rebel Republic of Westralia, the part of Australia abandoned by the British when Melt [created] a desert.
Cuttlefish lose their antennas, crabs get to keep their