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When I began bowhunting back in the 1960's, cutting-edge broadheads were the only heads available.
The result is an interesting new videogame interface on the cutting-edge of innovation.
The Computerworld Horizon awards were established in 2005 to inform readers of the most cutting-edge technologies that are "on the horizon" from research labs and private companies.
Furthermore, we have created a development and acquisition infrastructure to target some of the largest national retailers in the country, allowing us to diversity our revenue streams without diluting the brand equity of our more cutting-edge brands.
The winners of the Get Cocky Awards personify New York's influential cutting-edge style, and are a reflection of our Mash Culture Lab(TM) line of clothing," said Joseph Shortal, Chief Executive Officer of Sub-Urban Brands.
In addition, the company holds a cutting-edge position in digital asset management and currently offers its clients a host of web-based marketing tools as well as highly customizable print-on-demand capabilities.
Cutting-edge mobile phones-phones integrated with various multimedia and rich-data functionalities--are rapidly increasing their share of phones shipped in the Asia Pacific market.
The expanded exhibit floor features cutting-edge demos and provocative discussions and displays the latest technologies and solutions for next-generation networks - including IP video, WiMAX, IMS, VoIP, wireless and more.
AUSTIN, Texas -- WidowPC, a leader in cutting-edge PC hardware, today announced the availability of the long-awaited, dual-core notebook, the Sting 917X2(TM).
Founded in 1952, TK is one of Japan's leading distributors of cutting-edge emerging technologies with more than 4,000 customers.