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A forceps with sharp blades.
Synonym(s): cutting forceps
[G. labis, pincers, + tomē, an incision]
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Autopsy kit with standard 28 articles,qty: 4adult stainless steel rest,full size wellingtons white pvc size 4-13,bone cutting forceps straight 9,lead filled army pattern mallet outer stainless steel for head,cutting,rib knife plastic handle stainless steel blade,hydrulic body carrier should eliminate heavy lifting, with,adjustable nylon straps and locking buckles.
It can be used on a variety of monopolar and bipolar Instrumentation including: cutting forceps, Kleppingers, bipolar forceps, Bovie pencils, suction coagulators, robots, curved hot scissors, spatula electrodes, and l-hook electrodes.
The web was incised with electrocautery and the foreign body was removed with a rat tooth cutting forceps.
There was a 20% growth in sales of cutting forceps, and the launch in March of the plasma spatula has met encouraging initial sales.
The second device, the PlasmaKinetic Cutting Forceps (Gyrus Medical, Maple Grove, Minn.
The BiCOAG[R] Bipolar Cutting Forceps offers high performance and versatility across a wide variety of laparoscopic surgical procedures.
Additionally, Patton Surgical developed and markets the HotBlade([R]) coagulating and cutting forceps, a unique laparoscopic ligation device equipped with a bipolar blade that delivers electrosurgical current to the cutting blade itself.
Gyrus PK Cutting Forceps are suitable for surgeons who wish to move on to more advanced technology and have experience using the Kleppinger device.
Designed to compete with ultrasonic and bipolar cutting forceps, the Plasma Forceps allows the surgeon to grasp, perform blunt dissection, cut through vessels and tissue, and coagulate vessels using a single instrument.
Another innovative product is the 5 mm tripolar cutting forceps that gives the laparoscopic surgeon the ability to have fast, bloodless cutting in an ultra-miniature instrument.
Pyrogen free , latex free and non toxic and medical graded, pacing wire suture, aortic arch cannula with metal legs, wire reinforced aortic arch cannula, catheter, fogarty arterial embolectomy catheters, spare fiber optic light cord, foreign body removing forceps (3 sizes), denture cutting forceps, forceps, biopsy, peterson%s pattern is 8343.