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A forceps with sharp blades.
Synonym(s): cutting forceps
[G. labis, pincers, + tomē, an incision]
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There was a 20% growth in sales of cutting forceps, and the launch in March of the plasma spatula has met encouraging initial sales.
The second device, the PlasmaKinetic Cutting Forceps (Gyrus Medical, Maple Grove, Minn.
Additionally, Patton Surgical developed and markets the HotBlade([R]) coagulating and cutting forceps, a unique laparoscopic ligation device equipped with a bipolar blade that delivers electrosurgical current to the cutting blade itself.
Note that any cutting device, including monopolar devices, the Harmonic Scalpel, or bipolar cutting forceps, can be substituted through one of the lower ports.
The Quadripolar Cutting Forceps utilizes a new proprietary electrosurgical technology called quadripolarity(TM), which the Company believes represents the next generation of electrosurgery for precise laparoscopic surgery.
Designed to compete with ultrasonic and bipolar cutting forceps, the Plasma Forceps allows the surgeon to grasp, perform blunt dissection, cut through vessels and tissue, and coagulate vessels using a single instrument.
8 /PRNewswire/ -- Everest Medical Corporation (Nasdaq: EVMD) today announced the introduction of the Quadripolar(TM) Cutting Forceps at the 1999 Global Congress of Gynecologic Endoscopy Meeting held in Las Vegas from November 8 - 10.
Another innovative product is the 5 mm tripolar cutting forceps that gives the laparoscopic surgeon the ability to have fast, bloodless cutting in an ultra-miniature instrument.
We experienced record sales of Everest Laparoscopy products which increased 27 percent from the same period last year, paced by an increase of 34 percent in sales of the BiCOAG(R) Bipolar Cutting Forceps.
Patent Office has issued a patent covering the Circon-Cabot Seitzinger TRIPOLAR Cutting Forceps.
The frontal sinus ostium on each side was exposed by removing the entire uncinate process, including the uppermost portion, with cutting forceps.
Sales of the BiCOAG(R) Bipolar Cutting Forceps continued at a record pace resulting in a 38 percent increase in the Everest laparoscopy business in the first quarter 1999 compared to the same period last year.