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Some people may find it easier to cut back on bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and sweets, while others find it easier to cut back on fried foods, oils, salad dressings, mayonnaise, and margarine.
Cut Back California also allows participants to flex their commitment to accommodate months in which they are capable of more or less reduction of electric use.
The idea of NHS Direct was to cut back on doctors' time and emergency treatment.
A study of 1014 people in Scotland found 44 per cent said they would choose to cut back on either going on holiday or out to dinner, while 39 per cent chose DIY.
But the district still needs to cut back because costs are increasing more than revenue.
Researchers, from St George's Hospital in London, found doctors have cut back significantly on the number of prescriptions they write for common antibiotics.
It's tough not to cut back when you switch to lower-fat meats, cheeses, etc.
On every ch you cut back five stems, then in October, just before they lose their leaves, cut back another three.
SONGWRITERS are feeling the squeeze as radio stations, shops and pubs cut back on music.
Most ornamental grasses, on the other hand, may be cut back to ground level without a second thought.
SCOOP up or cut back any plants lying on the lawn or the grass beneath will soon die off.