customary fee

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customary fee,

n the fee level determined by the administrator of a dental benefits plan from actual submitted fees for a specific dental procedure to establish the maximum benefit payable under a given plan for that specific procedure. See also fee, usual and fee, reasonable.
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For some services, the Medicare allowed charge was not equal to the billed amount, customary fee, or prevailing fee.
Records said the accused offered the inspector a bribe to abuse his job and allow him to drive the curtains into Dubai without paying the customary fees.
Changing the calculation of usual and customary fees for any given service will not affect the number of times that service is given, nor will it create a medically appropriate relationship between medical need and the use of that service, says Eskow.
In Minnesota, a chain of "cash-and-carry" medical clinics in shopping malls promises walk-in patients that they will be able to walk out within 30 minutes, for a premium of about 75 percent over customary fees.
The physicians charge no more than their usual and customary fees.
A doctor has gone from having receivables that were paid within 30 days to having them paid in 60 to 90 days, and the discount--the price being paid--is sometimes 40 percent to 60 percent less than what their usual and customary fees are.
The court cautioned that factors such as novelty and difficulty of the issues, the undesirability of the case, the work and ability of counsel, the results obtained and the customary fees and awards in other cases should not be considered in determining whether an upward adjustment of the hourly rate is warranted.
Vague factors such as the time and labor involved, complexity of the issue, the monetary amount involved, customary fees charged in the locality for similar services, and the length of the professional relationship between the attorney and client were used in determining the reasonableness of a fee.
Because of rising costs, and insufficient reimbursement, drug chains like Rite Aid will have to consider shifting the burden of health care costs to private payers by raising usual and customary fees, a practice that Grass deems to be inherently unfair to many of the chain's customers.
The Company has paid customary fees and costs in connection with a portion of the Offering.
The customary fees do not adequately reflect the recent and significant increase in scope of work.
This is especially important to lenders as appraisal fees are expected to rise under the Dodd-Frank appraiser-independence rule's requirement for reasonable and customary fees, according to InHouse.