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Jeffery Kitching, 53, noticed a net curtain effect in his left eye so decided to call Specsavers, on the high street in Redcar, to discuss his problem.
For those youngsters having their first aqua play experience this feature can act as the ideal introduction to the movement and dynamics of water, as the laminar sprays create a curved water curtain effect.
Hang these together and they make a lovely curtain effect - great for breaking up areas inside the house or out.
The fringed curtain effect only adds to the sense of drama.
Facing you as you come through the door is a wall covered in that burgundy rippled- curtain effect that you used to get on the walls of old cinemas.
It's different in every part of the country; for example, in the North-East we appreciate a little tight head on our pint with just enough life in it to produce a lace curtain effect down the inside of the glass.
If your windows themselves lack style, there's a lot you can do with curtain effects and blinds.