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1. a loop, ring, or spoon-shaped instrument, attached to a handle and having sharp or blunt edges; used to scrape tissue from a surface.
2. to remove growths or other material from the wall of a cavity or other surface, using a curette.


, curet (kyū-ret', kyū-ret'),
Instrument in the form of a loop, ring, or scoop with sharpened edges, attached to a rod-shaped handle, used for curettage.


/cu·ret/ (ku-ret´)
1. a spoon-shaped instrument for cleansing a diseased surface.
2. to use a curet.


Etymology: Fr, curette, scoop
1 n, a surgical instrument shaped like a spoon or scoop for scraping and removing material or tissue from an organ, cavity, or surface. A curet may be blunt or sharp and is designed in a shape and size appropriate to its use. Also called curette.
2 v, to remove tissue or debris with such a device. Kinds of curets include Hartmann's curet.


A surgical instrument with a circular cutting loop at one end. The curet is pulled over the skin lesion in repeated strokes to remove one portion of the lesion at a time.
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, curet (kyūr-et')
Instrument in the form of a loop, ring, or scoop with sharpened edges, attached to a rod-shaped handle, used for curettage.

curet, (curette) (kyŏŏret´),

n a periodontal or hand instrument having a sharp, spoon-shaped working blade; used for debridement. It is available in many sizes and shapes; used for root planing and gingival curettage, both surgically and nonsurgically.
curet, area-specific,
n any of a number of curets designed for use on specific tooth surfaces. It may feature an elongated shank or shortened blade.
curet, mini-bladed,
n a small dental instrument employed in the surgical removal of unwanted materials, useful in getting at narrow or closed-off areas of the teeth and oral cavity.
curet, nonsurgical Gracey,
n an instrument used for removal of subgingival deposits and root debridement.
curet, nonsurgical Langer,
n an instrument that has combined features of the Gracey curet and universal curet.
curet, nonsurgical rigid,
n an instrument made with a rigid shank that is stronger and aids in removal of tenacious deposits.
curet, nonsurgical universal,
n an instrument designed to permit ac-cess to all surfaces of the tooth without the need to change instruments during deposit removal or root planing.
curet, universal,
n an instrument used on subgingival sufaces. It has a blade with an unbroken cutting edge that curves around the toe and a flat face that is set at a 90° angle to the lower shank.
Enlarge picture
Universal curet.



curette, curet

1. a spoon-shaped instrument for cleansing a diseased surface.
2. to use a curette.

bone curette
there are a number of types, e.g. brun bone curette, nail-hole curette.
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