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, pl.


(in'vō-lū'krŭm, -loo'kră),
1. An enveloping membrane, for example, a sheath or sac.
2. The sheath of new bone that forms around a sequestrum.
Synonym(s): involucre
[L. a wrapper, fr. in-volvo, to roll up]


, involucrum (ĭn′vō-lū″kĕr) (ĭn″vō-lū′krŭm) [″ + volvere, to wrap]
1. A sheath or covering.
2. The covering of newly formed bone enveloping the sequestrum in infection of the bone.


  1. a calyx-like structure formed by bracts below the base of a condensed INFLORESCENCE.
  2. a growth of the tissue of the thallus in liverworts (see HEPATICA that covers and protects the ARCHEGONIUM.
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The results of current study provide the antibacterial activity of the peel and cupule extracts of the oak.
Experiments on cupule production are severely lacking in the field, although a recent study in which both direct and indirect percussion was used (Krishna & Kumar 2010a,b) all point to the same conclusion--that cupules are neither easy or quick to make and that uniform ones, such as the ones on Uneapa, require great skill to execute.
Fifty seed with intact cupules were randomly selected from each imbibition treatment and placed in a box for germination testing.
In Experiment 1, the cupule (including the lemma and palea) was removed by cutting through it at the juncture of rachis and glume with a razor blade.
In no other location on the Dampier Archipelago has such treatment been recorded, either the cupules or extending lines.
To germinate, the caryopsis within the cupule must imbibe water, and the embryo must grow and emerge from the cupule.
The nut is an acorn partially to almost entirely enclosed in a scaly, cup-shaped cupule.
Cupule depth ranges from 1 to 5 cm, with many partially or almost fully filled with flow-stone.
Growth was determined to be positive or negative based upon the presence or absence of turbidity in the cupules.
Sur un autre plan, les cupules de glands peuvent fournir d'excellentes teintures naturelles.
The cell suspensions from each strain were used to inoculate the cupules of the API ZYM strips.