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cun (tsōōn),

n in acupuncture, a variable unit of measure used to determine the location of acupuncture points. The cun is calculated for each individual based on measurements taken on the thumb or index finger. Also called
Chinese inch.
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As CuN retention was increased in both wood and the FRP composite, the surface energies of both specimens decreased.
Because of its location close to Hong Kong and Macau, and its open-minded people, the local government permitted villagers in Fang Cun to grow flowers in abundance.
Cun will be honored at the 2002 Commission on Athletics Celebration of Student Athletes luncheon in Reno, Nev.
Last week, Cun scored 24 points in the Monarchs' victory over Santa Monica, converting 5 of 7 3-pointers, and was named the WSC's South Division player of the week.
Filmed at 35,000 feet on Virgin America's first commercial flight LAX to CUN, the "Countdown to Cancun" episode of VH1's "Top 20 Video Countdown" will first air on the network on January 29, 2011, at 9:00am ET.
The Beijing Development Center is located at 406, Building B, Beijing International Mansion, 18 South Zhong Guang Cun Avenue, Haidian, Beijing 100081, China.
is a high-tech company headquartered in Beijing's zhong guan cun (a technology hub, known as "the Silicon Valley of China").
Celebrities (Russell Simmons, Terrence Howard, Vivica Fox, Gabriel Union, David Archuleta and Michael Copon, Shawn King, Catherine Dent) were insightful and dedicated to getting people committed to joining the CUN movement to recruit mentors and elevate attention to children in need.
6, Zhong Guan Cun South Street, Haidian District, Beijing, BJ 100086, People's Republic of China.
It has also established a Software Research Institute in Zhong Guan Cun, an area known as China's Silicon Valley.
Implementing agency : Semitan, mandataire de la CUN
In addition to helping publicizing the worthwhile mentoring programs of CUN for at-risk and foster youth here in Los Angeles and through the nation, it provides GAEA with a wonderful opportunity to introduce U.