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For the OIF/OEF participant, bilateral lower- and multiple-limb losses are associated with wheelchair use, but cumulative trauma disorder also significantly predicts wheelchair use.
One company that is set up to specifically address the problems associated with cumulative trauma disorders is Health and Hygiene, Inc.
Employees in one department participated in a survey to identify how many of them were experiencing symptoms associated with musculoskeletal or cumulative trauma disorders.
OSHA compiled more than 6,000 articles on cumulative trauma disorders, surveyed 3,200 establishments, visited 35 sites, reviewed citations and related enforcement data from 400 inspections, met with dozens of interested organizations, reviewed ergonomics standards from other countries and analyzed 300 responses to the advanced notice of proposed rulemaking it issued in 1993.
Studies on the effectiveness of braces in the prevention of cumulative trauma disorders are inconclusive.
Experiences of cumulative trauma disorders on life roles of worker and family member: A case study of a married couple.
Areas of focus will include work-related musculoskeletal disorders, manual materials handling, alternative computer input devices, worker education as preventive strategy, ergonomic programs in industry and medical management of upper extremity cumulative trauma disorders.
With a 30" working height, back injuries and other cumulative trauma disorders can be reduced because staff bending is minimized, promoting a safe working environment.
ARM: While the computer industry has seemingly embraced the existence and potential threat of Cumulative Trauma Disorders, is it difficult to convince other mainstream industry sectors-food services, manufacturing-that such a concern for work-place safety is a potential threat and that a remedy is important?
Fortunately about 95% of cumulative trauma disorders are preventable," said Dr.
Trying to decipher what combination of changes in equipment, methods and work habits any given wood products manufacturer will have to make to prevent instances of low back pain, sciatica, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and other cumulative trauma disorders among its employees is the daunting and costly challenge that would be created by the OSHA Ergonomics Program Standard.
Things like poor lighting, repetitive movement, strenuous activity, stiff chairs and inflexible workstations are contributing to conditions known as cumulative trauma disorders (CTD), repetitive stress injuries (RSI) and work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSD).

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