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William E., Canadian dentist, 1879-1942. See: Cummer classification, Cummer guideline.
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Andy and Nora Keaveney were the people who set the ball in motion down Cummer way.
For further information: Lawrence Cummer, Environics Communications, +1-416-969-2747, lcummer@environicspr.
Playing to them upon a trumpe, he said, "Cummer, goe ye before; cummer goe ye
It was from this bequest and others in the Cummer collection that the 2007 exhibition of approximately forty works was drawn.
The man, who had recently been released from a psychiatric institution, smashed car windows, mirrors and body work at Cummer National School at around 11am.
Cummer has thought about this: In October 2006, Cummer was part of a team of scientists from Duke, including David R.
The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens still features the majestic oak as their star, at 80 feet tall, and with branches spreading over 138 feet.
There were 800 pieces on display from 80 international museums (one of these museums, surprisingly, was the Cummer Museum in Jacksonville, Florida).
the evidence points to, if anything, ah increase in Minoan trading activity in LM IB, particularly in our excavations at Ayia Irini, Keos (14) where we literally had thousands of LMIB vases imported from outside (Davis 1980:336; Cummer & Schofield 1984).
Dr Steven Cummer of Duke University and his colleagues have come up with the technique that works in air, for audible frequencies between one and four kilohertz - corresponding to two octaves on the higher half of a piano.
Colman~s national school, cummer, corofin, tuam, co.