cultural relativity

cultural relativity,

n technique for understanding the various ways in which people explain their behavior.
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The use of the Omani turbans portrays cultural relativity.
States still continue to make arguments about cultural relativity.
Some cultural relativity in application of human rights exists even in western societies.
To Celebrate The #Jan25 Revolution, Egyptian Names His Firstborn "Facebook" Cultural relativity is an amazing thing.
The cultural relativity of values is real, and it is frequently used to justify the things we do, but if we are to seek higher level answers to our moral dilemmas, then we must learn to transcend our cultural ethnocentrism and to adopt points of view that are relatively non-relative in orientation and panhuman in scope.
He suggests that the United States come to terms with a multipolar world in its military and political affairs and accept the reality of cultural relativity.
For our purposes, cultural relativity means that any event or transaction must be explained in terms of a given cultural framework in order for meaning to be ascribed to it.
The Vienna Declaration," writes Drinan, "made it clear that human rights -- civil, cultural, economic, and political -- are interrelated, interdependent, and indivisible," rejecting as unsustainable China's claim that "human rights are a western construct and that cultural relativity should excuse Asian nations from some of the mandates of the human rights law built up by the United Nations and its ancillary bodies.
Respect and tolerance for cultural relativity would help ease much of this baffling discord.
But I take great exception to the cultural relativity view that says you can't criticise one culture if you're from another, particularly if you're western.
It is far easier to raise the cultural relativity conundrum than to propose concrete, constructive solutions.
Critics say the course promotes cultural relativity - the idea that cultures are only different, not better or worse than one another.
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