cultural relativism

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a philosophical system that considers truth to be dependent on individual persons, cultural contexts, times, or places.
cultural relativism the understanding of distinct cultures and lifestyles within the context of each culture; the behaviors of a cultural group are evaluated in the context of that specific culture, from an impartial perspective, rather than according to the standards of some other culture.

cultural relativism

a concept that health and normality emerge within a social context and that the content and form of mental health will vary greatly from one culture to another. Differences may result from variations in stressors, symbolic interpretation, acceptance of expression and repression, and cohesion and tolerance of deviation of social groups.
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However, one principle of DSM-5 that is new, and not part of the earlier biopsychosocial model, is cultural relativism in diagnosis and treatment.
Anthropologists' disapproval and doubt with respect to the absolute validity of the method of cultural relativism is the important point.
This article offers an interpretation and critical reconstruction of David Hume's argument on cultural relativism in the essay, "A Dialogue.
The net result was that Boas's cultural relativism swept to victory in the human sciences--Emile Durkheim in sociology, Burrhus Frederic Skinner and John B.
This section highlights that culture is a contested terrain in many ways (Erturk, 2008: 25) and shall briefly explain the two extreme positions, Universalism and Cultural Relativism, in the human rights theory as well as the feminists' stance on this debate.
Therefore, in the beginning it is necessary to answer to the cultural relativism critique to human rights, followed by an answer to the sovereignty critique.
A majority of the articles are from CFLAs discussing such topics as cultural relativism, ethnography and culture training.
One such claim on the basis of which some thinkers argue against moral realism is cultural relativism.
It is apparently one of the striking examples of that cancer of moral and cultural relativism, the one much bemoaned by many political and religious leaders.
demonstrates well how these ideas and persons not only formed Benedict but shaped his later responses to such controversial topics as liberation theology, cultural relativism, and the secularization of the West.
The first section of the paper reviews the history of the concept of ethnocentrism and the way that it is tangled in a web of meanings of other concepts including cultural relativism and universalism.

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