cultural characteristics

cultural characteristics, See culture 2.
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It is a need of time to promote and propagate these cultural characteristics amongst the society so as to create unity and peace amongst the human being.
The census will enable a better understanding of demographic, socioeconomic and cultural characteristics of the population and a better count of community infrastructure, health, education and communication.
These remarks violate the principle of sovereignty on which normal relations between countries are based on, as they are considered interference in other country's domestic affairs that do not respect religious and cultural characteristics of other countries and communities," Dr Anwar Mohammad Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, said as he expressed the UAE's "strong condemnation of the statements.
In his many years of working for Commerzbank, Engber has gathered extensive knowledge of the special economic and cultural characteristics prevailing on the African continent.
This small selection of games is enough to demonstrate the variety of styles and themes that are representative of the creativity of its developers, who are also adept at adapting its offerings to the cultural characteristics and interests of gamers in the regions into which it plans to expand.
The most dominant and influential Egyptian cultural characteristics are:
Champeny, a local artist who has been working with the neighborhood on the design of the mural, said the artwork will depict various historical and cultural characteristics of Crown Hill, which is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city.
A number of factors weigh in on this dimension, such as the unique political, religious and cultural characteristics which influence some of the outcomes measured such as Personal Freedom.
The Westerner has to concede that Easterners also have their own ethical and cultural characteristics.
A "system" can be as defined as a formal alliance, like the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or as diffuse as the entire Middle Eastern region and its political, economic, and cultural characteristics.
Throughout the process of preparing the general budget for 2014, the directive of the Ruler of Sharjah aimed at bringing happiness and prosperity to Sharjah citizens and residents and continuous development of the scientific and cultural characteristics that distinguish 
the emirate locally and regionally.
Having presented my doubts, I admit that my own take on the nineteenth-century middle class in the Anglosphere produces a very capacious formation based on cultural characteristics.

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