cubic millimeter

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cubic millimeter (cu mm, mm)3

a unit of volume equal to one millionth of a liter. One cubic millimeter is equivalent to 1 microliter.
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The Deckel-Maho division claims the machine can remove 1000 cubic millimeters of tool steel per minute in dry-milling mode, and it was demonstrating that appetite during the open house.
For example, depending on units used, the value of A at time t might be expressed in terms of moles of oxygen reacted per cubic millimeters of rubber.
GPS RADIONOVA consists of a GPS radio IC, Antenova's patented single feed two-part antenna and all RF front-end components in a single 35 x 7 x 4 cubic millimeters package laminate base module.
As MPUs shrink, all of these functions and an application can run in a few cubic millimeters in a SoC.
After 59 days, the tumors in the three mice getting inert injections averaged 556 cubic millimeters, but in the animals treated with PRIMA-1, the tumors were considerably smaller, says study coauthor Klas G.
In contrast, tumor growth in the HE3235 group was arrested at approximately 57 cubic millimeters (p<0.
Typically, an MRI machine scanning through a person's body picks up radio signals at any one instant from a block of tissue a few cubic millimeters in volume.
Overall, the injured group had an average ACL volume of 1,921 cubic millimeters, while the control group had an average volume of 2,151 cubic millimeters.
ANAVEX 7-1037 was administered beginning when tumors in advanced-stage subcutaneous mice models reached approximately 250 cubic millimeters in size (day 22 post inoculation).
5 cubic millimeters and are produced by wafer capping of a micro-mechanical switch mechanism that travels less than 1 micrometer in 10 microseconds.