The combination of cryotherapy (q.v.) with exercise.
[cryo- + kinetics]


(kri?o-ki-net'iks) [? + kinesis, motion]
The therapeutic use of cold (such as ice packs or ice immersion) before active exercise. The application of cold increases the amount of motion that is available to a joint by decreasing pain. Active exercise increases range of motion, improves tissue tensile strength, and enhances healing. See: cryotherapy


Cold therapy is administered to the patient until skin numbness is reported. Non–weight-bearing or weight-bearing exercises are then implemented without causing pain.


This technique should not be used in patients for whom cold application cryotherapy or active exercise is contraindicated.

cryokinetics (krīˈ·ō·ki·neˑ·tiks),

n therapeutic process that includes application of external cold therapy to an area and is followed with full passive range of movement.
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