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Bell was an original choice against England in the campaign curtain-raiser, but had to cry off with a leg injury.
A source said: "One match official who was listed for the game had to cry off and gave the IFA ample notice.
I'd planned to be there and I spoke to Sam (Hammam) telling him I would be, but now I've had to cry off because of a presentation in Leicester.
TOM McLAUGHLIN was a late booking for Crossed Wire after Fran Ferris had to cry off injured, and made the most of his chance ride as he rode the James Eustace-trained filly to a runaway
With his friend Norman Williamson having to cry off from the ride, due to a muscle spasm in his neck, McCarthy proved a very able substitute.
WHENEVER England are in an U-21 summer tournament, players cry off citing injury or tiredness.
The Manchester City striker, who refused to cry off despite suffering from a swollen knee, was rewarded by becoming a target for terrace abuse.