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I think," he answered, "that we shall not be crushed.
But," said Porthos, "if he was not crushed completely "
But when she took up the crushed letter and put it in her drawer, that she might lock it out of sight, hard smarting tears, having no relief in them as the great drops had that fell last night, forced their way into her eyes.
The other, however, dealt a single blow with his cruel tail that laid both of the females crushed corpses upon the ground.
And now she pictured to herself the days, and months, and years which she must spend in sorting what might be called shattered mummies, and fragments of a tradition which was itself a mosaic wrought from crushed ruins--sorting them as food for a theory which was already withered in the birth like an elfin child.
To tell the truth," said the prisoner, sighing likewise, "since your father crushed that unfortunate bulb, I feel as if part of my own self had been paralyzed.
Utterly beside himself, though he no longer yelped, he flung himself madly about, straining the tendons and muscles of his shoulder and leg and further and severely injuring the crushed foot.
It crushed them with the weight of unending vastness and unalterable decree.
In crushing his passions he had well-nigh crushed himself.
But when sixty years or more had passed, a king arose who crushed the Danish power, and who once more lit that lamp.
You might rush under the hammer yourself, but the chariot would surely be crushed.
In some way the third finger had been crushed to a pulp.