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Sound heard on auscultation of the chest synchronous with cardiac contraction, indicating presence of air in the mediastinum.


A crepitance. See Mediastinal crunch.

Patient discussion about crunch

Q. If your stomach muscles are cut across(bikini-cut from a c-section) does that mean that situps(crunches) won't do any good? Is there a better way in this case?

A. from what i know- it's not very good to do any sport right after a c-section. but you should resume as soon as you've been cleared by your doctor to help restore your strength and pre-pregnancy body, and then there is no problem to do situps.

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Jude and should be applauded for the collective number of crunches they perform, and money donated, at tomorrow's challenge.
The vertical leg and reverse crunches are equipment-free.
Historically, credit crunches have been associated with disintermediation, the loss of bank deposits when higher rates of return on assets were available from outside the banking sector.
Through the training, you will build up the strength and endurance needed to perform stomach crunches for one hour straight on the day of the Ab Crunch Challenge.