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Sound heard on auscultation of the chest synchronous with cardiac contraction, indicating presence of air in the mediastinum.


A crepitance. See Mediastinal crunch.

Patient discussion about crunch

Q. If your stomach muscles are cut across(bikini-cut from a c-section) does that mean that situps(crunches) won't do any good? Is there a better way in this case?

A. from what i know- it's not very good to do any sport right after a c-section. but you should resume as soon as you've been cleared by your doctor to help restore your strength and pre-pregnancy body, and then there is no problem to do situps.

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Behind Crunch Omaha Deerfield is CW Fitness, owned by Crunch Franchisees, Curt Bowen and Wade Teslow, who plan to open more Crunch locations in the Omaha area over the next few years.
I'd just accepted it as a "thing" unquestioningly, like the credit crunch, up until, ooh, last Saturday.
STRAIGHT LEG CRUNCH Lie on your back with legs raised straight above your hips and arms reaching up.
The captain's chair involves a rather large piece of gym equipment, whereas an exercise ball is an inexpensive home device that makes that crunch variation quite feasible.
The combination of creamy custard or rice, together with the crunchy cereal topping makes for a filling snack that will satisfy the hungriest of appetites, because you will want to eat it anywhere and at anytime, those clever people who make Creamy Crunch snacks have even put a spoon in the pot.
The global credit crunch could have a silver lining behind the obvious clouds.
To a large extent, the bankers' views on a credit crunch appeared to be colored by the state of the industry in their area.
This will lead to an unbelievable crunch, which, in turn, will cause a reduced credit rating, which will then trigger a greater crunch.
One particular difficulty with the debate over the credit crunch is that the term is used to describe a variety of credit conditions.
In a variety of beta tests, CRUNCH delivered extraordinary results.
Crunch Bradenton is owned and operated by Crunch Franchisees, Vince Julien, Tony Scrimale and their team of industry veterans.
By creating a new long-term deduplicated disk storage tier, CRUNCH reduces the disk requirements in short-term DPM storage pools, making BridgeSTOR s capacity optimization the ideal response to DPM s voracious storage appetite.