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Developmental biology A Drosophila gene involved in epithelial development
Drug slang Tiny bits of crack cocaine
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ROBERT CRUMB DOES NOT believe in the divinity of the Bible.
The investigation into her disappearance was being stepped up before yesterday's discovery with the launch of a missing poster appeal which the police hoped would jog people's memories or encourage Mrs Crumb to contact them.
Japanese-style Crumb is available in a wide range of granulations to fit your product formulation requirements.
Several studies conducted by Xie show that the crumb rubber filter is much more cost effective than conventional sand or anthracite filters.
Many of us in the crumb business found a new plastic-like fiber in our crumb.
Children playing on tire crumb could potentially be exposed by ingestion of the product directly, by ingestion of surface water runoff through the product, by inhalation of dust, or by skin contact with the material or surface water runoff.
The mechanical dummyis fed biscuits made using different baking techniques to determine a consistency which produces the amount of crumbs consumers have come to expect.
Black Angels" was commissioned in 1970 by the University of Michigan, where Crumb had done his doctoral work.
The isocyanate part of the mixture is bought on the global market, but the polyol (polyhydric alcohol) component is part of a proprietary blend that requires strict adherence to a unique recipe, and contains the crumb rubber.
Sourdough is used in the manufacture of rye bread to obtain the desired texture and typical sour and malty flavor, particularly of the bread crumb.
To help alleviate the problem, Congress in 1991 ordered states to begin incorporating crumb rubber (chopped tires) into their asphalt mixes for pavement construction and repair under the auspices of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA).
Key statement: Crumb rubber augmented masonry blocks including cement, aggregate, water and crumb rubber.