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severe and decisive.


Etymology: L. crucialis
severe and decisive.


(kroo′shăl) [L. crucialis]
1. Cross-shaped.
2. Decisive; of supreme importance; critical.

Patient discussion about crucial

Q. What are the most crucial periods during pregnancy? what medical exams are most important during pregnancy?

A. the first trimester is most crucial. in that time the fetus develops most of his organs and every exposure to harmful materials can result in birth defects.
about routine tests in pregnancy, i think this site will give you the best info:

Q. What tests should my wife have during pregnancy? you know ... like the most crucial exams ... and other tests

A. The most important thing to be noticed during pregnancy is : the ANTENATAL CARE.
It means that your wife should go to see an OB-GYN doctor, and has her pregnancy checked. it will include the monitoring of the fetal development, ultrasound (USG) - usually once every trimester, except in the third trimester, body weight, etc.

Before pregnancy, it is important to check TORCH : toxoplasma, rubella, citomegalovirus infection, and hepatitis B. (consult to your OB-GYN doctor for more information)

In the third trimester, usually the exams will be needed more often, every 2 weeks. It will check the position of the fetus, the ripening of the cervix, and some other final preps for the delivery.
Good luck for the pregnancy !!

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Crucial Vacuum is not only committed to clean and healthy homes; they are also committed to doing their part to preserve and help the environment.
But when we fail a crucial conversation, every aspect of our lives can be affected--from our careers to our communities to our relationships and personal health.
There are inevitable periods when that time is not available, so they proactively prepare for those times by holding crucial conversations to prepare for them.
The choice of language by the parties or the divorce court is crucial for taking a nonalimony tax position.
Replacing a French genealogy with a Roman one, Brownlee argues, was crucial for the construction ofa re-naissance Italian literature and helped make these writers the fathers of that literature, and he implies suggestively that this new genealogy might also be a significant moment in the generation of a myth of Italian cultural leadership in the Renaissance.
We called them Crucial Conversations because how you and others in your camp habitually handle these conversations has a profound influence on:
It found the key employees crucial to corporate success, and noted that they wore the maximum possible number of employee "hats.
What is of crucial concern is the Federal courts' treatment of those of us who use confidential sources - persons whose identities must be withheld in order to obtain information from them.
Both attention to details and demand for excellence is crucial for each project's success.
The doctor's failure to hold a crucial conversation with the nurse (or the nurse's manager) about his competence concerns with her allowed the problems to persist.
The camper participates in new experiences and develops crucial social skills.