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(kraws kŏn-tami-nā­shŭn)
Transfer of infectious agent or matter from one person or site to another.


n the transfer of an infection directly from one person to another or indirectly from one person to a second person via a fomite.
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Just over half (51%) risk cross-contaminating food by using the same tongs for raw and cooked meats.
Meteorites and comets may have been cross-contaminating planets for millennia.
She also likes to use two different types of clay--red and white, admitting that many artists do not do this for fear of cross-contaminating their projects.
Metal or x-ray detection is required in the food industry to protect against foreign material cross-contaminating food.
We had to do the perio charting by ourselves, and the only way we could figure out doing it without cross-contaminating was to call an assistant in to help us," she explained.
Since the compressor is lubricated by a self-contained oil reservoir that is separate from the engine, the possibility of cross-contaminating the two oils is virtually eliminated.
Avoiding cross-contaminating between raw foods and cooked/ready to eat foods;
Avoid cross-contaminating foods by washing hands, utensils and cutting boards after they've been in contact with raw meat or poultry and before they touch another food.
Proper washing and cleaning practices will help prevent cross-contaminating foods.
Are You Inadvertently Cross-Contaminating Patients in Your Practice?
The system will also automatically shut down the HVAC system to prevent the anthrax or other biological agents from cross-contaminating other areas of the building.
Clean cutting boards, knives, and countertops when switching from one food prep to another to prevent juice from raw meat, poultry, and fish from cross-contaminating other foods.