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(kraws kŏn-tami-nā­shŭn)
Transfer of infectious agent or matter from one person or site to another.


n the transfer of an infection directly from one person to another or indirectly from one person to a second person via a fomite.
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But any plan to implement composting and recycling programs will hinge on proper trash sorting, so that the various materials do not cross-contaminate facilities.
She said: "I don't think I will ever cross-contaminate my private life and my family life with my public and professional worlds.
Never let raw eggs come into contact with food that will be eaten raw (or with utensils that could cross-contaminate other foods).
Storage-Tainted teas, where teas cross-contaminate at the manufacturer's facilities or during shipping, are a huge industry issue.
An animated "Germ-Vision" graphic then shows that washing chicken only risks splattering and spreading bacteria that then can cross-contaminate other foods and kitchen surfaces.
It can still cross-contaminate food even in boiling water.
Alpha will buy this certified conflict-free tin, and we will not cross-contaminate it with other mainstream sources--to make conflict-free finished goods.
The certified test can help food processors quickly see if Salmonella is present in their facilities before it can cross-contaminate food during production.
As Bill Englehart of NAVAIR explained, "It's very difficult, if not impossible, to cross-contaminate systems.
It was feared the organic maize at Garden Organic would cross-contaminate with GM pollen, causing the centre to lose its organic status.
Foam is the least likely to cross-contaminate the user, and sticks to the suspect's skin for what seem to be longer-lasting effects.
If shared between SnPb and Pb-free processes, stencils could potentially cross-contaminate the alloys.