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For validation purposes, the model is initially being used to predict the pressure profile through the cross section of the tire under static, non-oxidative conditions to detemiine equilibrium breaker and carcass pressure.
In microanalysis the ionization cross section for production of x rays and the electron energy distribution are often multiplied together to form a new function [PHI]([rho]z), that is a function of depth in spatially homogeneous specimens (1).
The height, or z-axis, of the current stack of paper layers is measured by the machine and fed back to the computer; the next 2-D cross section is then calculated from the 3-D computer model.
The throughput figures given are an average and are easily adjusted heavily upwards or downwards if the relationship of the surface area of the profile to the cross section is altered.
0] the absorption cross section for unpolarized neutrons ([[sigma].
One of the assumptions, which is not obvious, claims the clamps forming a cross section must remain parallel throughout all stages of extension.
org serves to alert the global health care community to the prevalence, hardship, and treatment options that can make Catamenial Pneumothorax/Lung and Colon Endometriosis, well known and understood among a cross section of medical specialties.
The most highly-anticipated new features in Strater 4 are the abilities to display deviated logs in a cross section, display deviation paths on a map, and to create cross sections using line logs.
Contract award: supply of arms and cross section of 60 mm mortar.
We have to realize as a party that we need to convey our message to a broader cross section of the community.
It would allow precise measurements of important neutron cross section standards at near-thermal energies, such as [.
Finally, the aluminum extrusions used throughout the Utting facility to frame the fixtures and assembly areas at the Utting facility are framed with a common star-shaped cross section extrusion.