critical period

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crit·i·cal pe·ri·od

1. in the first hours after birth, the period of maximum imprintability; the period before and after which imprinting is difficult or impossible;
2. in animals, a period following birth when the processes underlying the capacity for socialization are activated or stamped in;
3. Synonym(s): amblyogenic period

critical period

Etymology: Gk, kritikos, critical, peri, near, hodos, way
a period during a developmental or rehabilitation crisis. Examples are the brief period in which a zygote may be formed, in which a patient may survive a myocardial infarction, or when an embryo is most vulnerable to effects of medications used by the mother.

critical period

A point in a biological rhythm (biorhythm) that occurs when an individual crosses the middle of a cycle, either from a high to a low or a low to a high; during critical periods, the person is believed to be more accident- and illness-prone.

period, critical 

A time after birth during which neural connections can still be modified by interference with normal visual experience or lesion of the visual pathway. If a person has an anomaly (e.g. amblyopia), the treatment is most likely to be effective during the earliest part of the critical period. In man it lasts up to about seven to eight years of age. If neural connections are impaired permanently during this period it will usually be impossible to repair later and the younger the child the more damaging it is. Example: binocularly sensitive cortical cells (stimulated by normal binocular vision) may never develop in uncorrected strabismus, or prolonged occlusion occurring during the critical period, especially before the age of three, and therefore the patient will not have binocular vision. Syn. plastic period. (However, this term relates more specifically to the time course during which the visual system is still responsive to treatment. This may differ from the critical period of development); sensitive period. See form-deprivation myopia; occlusion treatment.

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Q. what is the most critical period of pregnancy where i should be more aware? to the environment , diet ... and things like that...

A. The most critical, is unfortunately, the period with the highest chances of the pregnancy not to be noticed - the first weeks of the pregnancy. During the first eight weeks of pregnancy the various organs of the body develop most substantially, also called organogenesis. This is considered the most sensitive period. However, the fetus may be sensitive to insults during the whole pregnancy, so other periods are not "safe".

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For this reason, "the critical period under the Forest Fire Protection System (.
The 104-page Winter outlook' report, drawn up by ETSO and presented to experts in Brussels, on 16 December, notes that the risk of system stress would increase especially if neighbouring countries faced critical periods at the same time.
The use of asthma medications during the entire critical period could be an indication of especially severe asthma.
As shown here, the effects on ChAT expression display a clearly delineated critical period, with virtually no effect either in undifferentiated cells or in later stages of differentiation.
True to her usual form, Llywelyn has related another critical period of Irish history in the form of a novel.
More than 80% of mutual funds and money managers fail to outperform the averages such as the S&P 500, Wilshire 5000 and Morgan Stanley emerging markets index--in almost any critical period analyzed.
These issues are: (1) the lasting effects of early experience; (2) the critical period of neurological development; (3) regardless of children's early experience, all children come to school with lively minds, with an inborn disposition to make sense of their experiences, observations, and feelings; (4) the critical period in social development; (5) the development of communicative competence; and (6) development and cultural identity.
In fact, mom Janet Reimer, interviewed at length, seems more of a wreck than her adult child, having realized that her decision to follow Money's awful advice for more than 10 years effectively ruined a critical period of her son's life.
Principal author Guy Thomson offers a clearly and concisely written narrative history of the politics of Puebla during a critical period in the history of the country (1855-1910), focusing on the involvement of the Sierra Norte region in state and national politics.
Based on these reports, the first 12 weeks of VIRAMUNE therapy are a critical period during which intensive clinical and laboratory monitoring, including liver function tests, is essential to detect potentially life-threatening hepatotoxicity and skin reactions.
Henry Kissinger may have missed the critical period for learning to speak English without an accent, but his English grammar and vocabulary are rich and learned.
In her latest work, Krystufek appears to be looking into the roots of a critical period of psychosexual development, the passage from childhood to adolescence.