critical care unit

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1. a single thing; one segment of a whole that is made up of identical or similar segments.
2. a specifically defined amount of anything subject to measurement, as of activity, dimension, velocity, volume, or the like.
3. a distinct part of a hospital, usually having a specific physical location and serving a defined function; see under names of specific units.
Ångström unit angstrom.
atomic mass unit (u) (amu) the unit of mass equal to ¹⁄₁₂ the mass of the nuclide of carbon 12. Called also dalton.
autonomous nursing unit a nursing unit under a decentralized administration system in which the staff is responsible for all aspects of unit functioning.
British thermal unit (BTU) a unit of heat formerly widely used, being the amount necessary to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water from 39° to 40°F., equal to approximately 252 calories.
CH50 unit the amount of complement that will lyse 50 per cent of a standard preparation of sheep red blood cells coated with antisheep erythrocyte antibody.
continuing education unit (CEU) a unit of credit for educational offerings given to professional persons, determined by a professional organization according to a mathematical formula after a thorough review of the program of study, the qualifications of the instructors, and the program objectives.
critical care unit intensive care unit.
electrostatic u's (esu) that system of units that is based on the fundamental definition of a unit charge as one that will repel a similar charge with a force of 1 dyne when the two charges are 1 cm apart in a vacuum.
environmental control unit a computerized system that allows the handicapped individual to operate several different appliances using a keyboard or other input device.
heat unit the amount of heat energy that is produced by one kVp (kilovolt peak) and one mA (milliampere) for one second with single phase, full wave rectified radiographic equipment.
Hounsfield unit an arbitrary unit of x-ray attenuation used for CT scans. Each voxel is assigned a value on a scale in which air has a value of −1000; water, 0; and compact bone, +1000.
intensive care unit see intensive care unit.
International unit (IU)
1. a unit of enzyme activity equal to the amount of enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of one micromole of substrate or coenzyme per minute under specified conditions (temperature, pH, and substrate concentration) of the assay method. Abbreviated U.
2. any of several arbitrary units that have been adopted by international bodies to express the quantities of certain vitamins (A, C, D, and thiamine hydrochloride), hormones (androgen, chorionic gonadotropin, estradiol benzoate, estrone, insulin, progesterone, and prolactin), and drugs (digitalis and penicillin).
Kienböck's unit a unit of x-ray exposure equal to 0.1 erythema dose; symbol X.
motor unit the unit of motor activity formed by a motor nerve cell and its many innervated muscle fibers.
postanesthesia care unit (PACU) a specialty unit in a hospital for giving postanesthesia care (care of patients recovering from anesthesia and intravenous sedation); formerly called recovery room.
radiologic u's units used to measure radiation, including roentgens, rads, rems, and curies.
u's of service (UOS)
1. the number of procedures done by a department.
2. individuals or groups of individuals who are the recipients of nursing care.
short procedures unit (short term care unit) a nursing unit where patients are briefly cared for following a medical or surgical procedure and are then discharged without spending the night.
SI unit any unit of the International System of units (the metric system); see also si units.
step-down unit a nursing unit designated to provide care for patients who are stable enough to be discharged from the intensive care unit but are not yet ready to be cared for on a medical-surgical unit.
Svedberg unit (S) a unit equal to 10−13 second used for expressing sedimentation coefficients of macromolecules.
Svedberg flotation unit (Sf) a unit equal to 10−13 second used for expressing negative sedimentation coefficients of macromolecules that float rather than sink in a centrifuge, e.g., lipoproteins.
terminal respiratory unit the functional unit of the lung, including a respiratory bronchiole, alveolar ducts and sacs, and alveoli; called also primary lobule of lung and primary respiratory lobule.
USP unit one used in the United States Pharmacopeia for expressing potency of drugs and other preparations.

in·ten·sive care u·nit (ICU),

a hospital facility for provision of intensive nursing and medical care of critically ill patients, characterized by the high quality and quantity of continuous nursing and medical supervision and by use of sophisticated monitoring and resuscitative equipment; may be organized for the care of specific patient groups, for example, neonatal or newborn ICU, neurologic ICU, pulmonary ICU.
Synonym(s): critical care unit

critical care unit

critical care unit (CCU)

a specially equipped hospital area designed for the treatment of patients with sudden life-threatening conditions. CCUs contain resuscitation and monitoring equipment and are staffed by personnel specially trained and skilled in recognizing and immediately responding to cardiac and other emergencies. See also intensive care unit.

in·ten·sive care u·nit

(ICU) (in-ten'siv kār yū'nit)
A hospital facility for provision of intensive nursing and medical care of critically ill patients, characterized by high quality and quantity of continuous nursing and medical supervision and by use of sophisticated monitoring and resuscitative equipment; may be organized for the care of specific patient groups, e.g., neonatal or newborn ICU, neurologic ICU, and pulmonary ICU.
Synonym(s): critical care unit.


1. a point at which one property or state changes to another property or state.
2. pertaining to a crisis in a disease.

critical care
care of a patient in a life-threatening situation of an illness. Includes artificial life support system.
critical care unit
see intensive care unit.
embryological critical period
the period during the life of the embryo, specific for each body system, during which organ genesis takes place.
critical distance
critical point drying
the technique used in preparing tissues for electron microscopy; to eliminate distortion due to surface tension.
critical temperature
the body temperature above which the animal is said to be fevered. See body temperature.

critical care

patient care pertaining to a crisis in a disease.

critical care medicine
emergency care for victims of trauma or disease.
critical care unit
a unit in a hospital in which special patient care staff and units, including ECG, blood gas analysis apparatus, resuscitation and life support equipment are available and used.
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An unacceptably high percentage of non-permanent nursing staff work in critical care units.
Lack of family access can contribute to patients' sense of isolation from their community, and it poses yet another challenge in the critical care unit.
Agfa HealthCare announces today that it has signed an agreement with Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to implement the ORBIS ICU-Manager solution for its Adult Critical Care units.
The money raised will help purchase essential equipment for the new Critical Care Unit, which carries an estimated cost of PS1.
Special thanks to the staff and members of Wallsend Social Club and everyone else for their generous donations to the Critical Care Unit at the Freeman Hospital.
Trust chief executive David Loughton CBE said: "Sadly, we had a death in our Critical Care Unit on Monday.
Staff on the critical care unit were absolutely fantastic and this is my way of saying a big thank you.
It is also rewarding because proceeds support the hospital and go directly towards the auxiliary's pledge to the critical care unit.
1993: Whiston hospital got the go-ahead for a pounds 9m expansion, which would include a new critical care unit housing accident and emergency,intensive care and coronary care.
HEALTH care in North Wales will mark a major milestone next week with the opening of a new multimillion pound Critical Care Unit at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd.
The ex-Arsenal and Celtic striker has been transferred from a hospital critical care unit after progress in his treatment.
The critical care unit of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead looks after some of the most poorly patients in the hospital and provides intensive nursing and medical care.

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