critical angle

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crit·i·cal an·gle

the angle of incidence at which a ray of light, in passing between two media, changes from refraction to total reflection.
Synonym(s): limiting angle
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cr] is a critical angle of attack that is characterised by sharp changes in the pressure profile on the blade back, [i.
Our next result concerns the trajectories at these critical angles.
As in preceding analyses, various models of undermining effects were again tested using the Bals and Knothe influence functions and the chosen interval of values of critical angles.
The size of the antenna under test and the size and location of the finite measurement area define critical angles [theta.
To maintain dark, "star friendly" skies, many regions of the country such as the Tucson area are required by law to meet specific dark sky regulations requiring no uplight and restricted light at critical angles.
Having established these critical angles of vision, Brooker is able to pursue their specific realizations.
With Digital Straight Talk, we'll respond rapidly to issues that could impact our company or our customers, and we'll correct statements, announcements or articles that either get the story wrong or omit critical angles that readers need to know," said Ellen East, Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs.

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