critical angle

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crit·i·cal an·gle

the angle of incidence at which a ray of light, in passing between two media, changes from refraction to total reflection.
Synonym(s): limiting angle
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Based on theoretical investigation it is necessary to define the geometry of the light guide, it is known that the starting point has to be such, that the incidence light from the source would have incidence angle inside the light guide equal to critical angle for total internal reflection to take place and for the system to be in equilibrium.
During the same period, Vino [9] also measured a detailed transient vortex structure near the surface at 25[degrees] and estimated it at the critical angle.
We see that there is no critical angle in this case for all incident angles from air such that the wave never experiences TIR back into air.
i']), the analysis of which demonstrates that hysteresis by critical angle of attack occurs in different values of inability to calculate the flow at [bar.
Based on the critical angle values, half sphere can be divided into several regions, which represent the probability of a fibre to be located in the particular region.
The algorithm of a numerical model for luminous intensity distribution suggested in this study traced the optical behavior of the photons by internal reflection, using the ray-tracing technique in case of internal reflection occurring in the prism faces with the angle of incidence getting greater than the critical angle.
Trailing edge thickness increases the maximum lift coefficient and the critical angle of attack, whereas airfoil thickness produces the opposite effect.
The National Transportation Safety Board is not confirming that sewer work could have increased the risk of an explosion, but the agency is also looking at this critical angle as it continues its investigation.
Our side-to-side motion became more erratic until we reached a critical angle that tipped the canoe, which sank like a stone and had to be righted and baled.
Using Maple, we can examine this model symbolically by differentiating the expression for the critical angle and simplifying the derivative:
The size of the measured aerial and the size and location of the final scanning surface (cylinder) is defined with the critical angle [PHI].

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