critical angle

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crit·i·cal an·gle

the angle of incidence at which a ray of light, in passing between two media, changes from refraction to total reflection.
Synonym(s): limiting angle
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2 during the performance of typical compressor grids, hysteresis causes a decrease in the efficiency of compressor grids when they operate in flow that has certain angular non-uniformity at subcritical and critical angles of attack.
Our next result concerns the trajectories at these critical angles.
To maximize the strength of the evanescent field, the fluorometer directed light from a 637 [+ or -] 2 nm laser diode into the fiber optic sensor cartridge at an angle just less than the critical angle.
It identifies water accumulation zones based on critical angle computation, calculates water holdup and accounts for water phase behavior, determines the wall shear stress and predicts potential worst-case corrosion rates for susceptible pipeline segments.
A critical angle was identified at which the crack propagation rate for the identified at which the crack propagation rate for the opening and shearing modes is equivalent.
Motorized laser TIRF makes it possible to automatically set the optimal critical angle for each wavelength of illumination and field depth desired.
Soluble solid levels are established using an interface measurement of refractive index also known as the critical angle technique.
When these waves meet the Moho at precisely the critical angle, the reflection process actually focuses them, thereby strengthening the redirected waves.
Polystyrene follows the same behavior with a different critical angle.
Challenges simplistic explanations of recovery and offers a critical angle to our understanding of what it means to experience mental health problems
The reflectivity of the guides is specified using either the measured reflectivity of the individual component, or our procurement specifications of the reflectivity given by the average reflectivity up to the Ni critical angle (m = 1) of 99% and falling linearly to 65% at m = 3.
This angle will be referred to as the critical angle, [[theta].

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