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1. A set of rules for assessing or categorizing a thing.
2. A listing of the signs and symptoms of a disease. See Exclusion criteria, Harvard criteria, Inclusion/exclusion criteria, Initial peer review criteria, Light's criteria, Pittsburgh criteria, Release criteria, Sequestration criteria, Transfusion criteria, Witherspoon criteria.


Plural of criterion


(kri-ter'e-on) ('e-a) plural.criteria [L. criterium fr Gr. kriterion, a means for judging]
A standard or attribute for judging a condition or establishing a diagnosis.

eligibility criterion

Entry criterion.

entry criterion

Any of a patient's characteristics that make him or her a candidate for enrollment in a clinical trial of a new treatment or therapeutic device.
Synonym: eligibility criterion; inclusion criterion

inclusion criterion

Entry criterion.

criteria (krītēr´ēə), predetermined rules or guidelines for dental care, developed by dental professionals relying on professional expertise, prior experience, and the professional literature, with which aspects of actual instances of dental care may be compared.
Explicit criteria are predetermined, specific, and measurable;
implicit criteria are implied or understood but not directly expressed.

Patient discussion about criteria

Q. what are the criteria for fibromyalgia. Am I affected by fibromyalgia? I am at a loss to conclude because many say different symptoms and signs of fibromyalgia. So what are the criteria for fibromyalgia?

A. It’s always better to know the basic signs about a disease which will help us to take precaution. Regarding fibromyalgia a person can be diagnosed if they have the following signs and symptoms: pain in at least 11 different tender points. What are tender points? Tender points are areas along the skin that are painful to the touch and which overlie areas of joint and soft tissue pain. These tender points can be in the following areas: hips, knees, neck, shoulders, elbows and chest. They can also be on either side of the body. In addition to a specified number of tender points, an individual must also have had a long-term history of pain lasting for at least 3 months. Of course, symptoms that are typically associated with fibromyalgia also include muscle and joint stiffness upon awakening or after sitting in a fixed position for a prolonged length of time, headaches and facial pain (migraines, TMJ), sleep problems, memory lapses, confusion, digestive problems and mood disorders.

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When any of the three criteria are weighted, the maximum valid weighting value is exceeded.
Criteria sets have been used in many ways to evaluate Internet health information.
The notice component's criteria provide guidance on creating transparency about privacy policies and procedures and identifying the purposes for which a company collects, uses, retains and discloses personal information.
Another outcome of the discussion about nonstatistical criteria was realization of the difference between human health and environmental predictive models because of differences in the nature of the endpoints studied.
Before one can responsibly declare a person dead, one must define and use biological criteria which accurately indicate the death of a human organism.
Results achieved by the two sub-groups within the second semester curriculum showed that there was a significant difference in three criteria (A, C and E) between those students who had been exposed to integration and those who had not been exposed to such integration (see Figure 2).
If a trust acts in good faith to modify the trust so as to continue to file as a domestic trust, but fails to meet the domestic trust criteria by the end of the two-year period, penalties will not be imposed if the trustee makes a return on Form 926 within 30 days after the end of the two-year period to report the Sec.
Developing criteria for allocating human organs for transplant radically challenges our most basic beliefs about human dignity and justice.
Once the committee determines that all of the criteria have been satisfied, the athletic director will ask the board of education to approve the establishment of the sport or team for one year.
Now, the scarcity of donors has prompted transplant institutions to rethink their patient selection criteria, and some institutions no longer accept patients with antigen-positive hepatitis B.
The 12 standards developed by Berkeley Planning Associates included elements of the original criteria from the 1978 amendments to the Rehabilitation Act, the ILRU definition of 1979, and the "A through K" guidelines from 1984.