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Form of crystalline silica used in casting investments.

cristobalite (kristō´bəlīt),

n a form of crystalline silica used in dental casting investments because of its relatively high capacity for thermal expansion and resistance to breaking down by heat.


the form of silicate which is found in the granulomatous lesions in silicate pneumoconiosis in horses.
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Acid sulfate alteration is observed near to the La Olleta crater in the NRV; there, a paragenesis of amorphous silica, quartz, sulfur, alunite, mercallite and cristobalite was identified by XRD.
5-5% Applications: nail lacquers, eye shadows, lipstick, mascara, blush, foundation Optigel CG-CG INCI name: crystalline quartz (and) cristobalite Suggested use level: 0.
Other quartz clasts exhibit a so-called 'ballen texture' which may indicate that they were cristobalite, before reverting to quartz at lower temperatures.
indicated the presence of all three regulated silica polymorphs (quartz, cristobalite, and tridymite) at varying concentrations throughout the mesa [7].
The ash also contained large amounts of cristobalite, a form of silica which can cause the lung disease silicosis.
A group of researchers, led by Peter Baxter of the University of Cambridge, has found that the ash ejected by the Soufriere Hills volcano since 1995 contains a surprisingly high concentration of cristobalite, which is a mineral known to cause the lung disease silicosis.
The occurrence of possible processes of conversion of primary aragonite into calcite and primary opaline silica via cristobalite and tridymite into quartz remains problematic, although the locally survived coexistence of quartz and two other modifications refers to this possibility.
The microcrystalline varieties comprise opal-C (rare) and opal-CT (quite common), which are basically poorly crystallized cristobalite (C) with more-or-less tridymite-like (T) stacking.
Also common are columnar crystals of pseudobrookite, niobian rutile, cristobalite, magnetite and cryptocrystalline cassiterite.