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Form of crystalline silica used in casting investments.

cristobalite (kristō´bəlīt),

n a form of crystalline silica used in dental casting investments because of its relatively high capacity for thermal expansion and resistance to breaking down by heat.


the form of silicate which is found in the granulomatous lesions in silicate pneumoconiosis in horses.
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Helens in Washington State produced short-lived ashfalls with vastly fewer fine particles containing only 4% cristobalite by weight.
4, cristobalite, which is the major component of the hot face, does not dramatically shrink until temperature is below 1500F (815C).
Sand additives that provide liquid on the surface of the sand grain and favor formation of tridymite or cristobalite and greater expansion of the sand can reduce veining defects.
Precision-classified Minbloc[R] grades produced from microcrystalline silica, cristobalite, or nepheline syenite are available for clarity and high-clarity blown and cast flexible-packaging and agricultural-film applications.
Paint Latex/latex: primer = water, quartz, acrylic resin, titanium dioxide, alkyd resin, silica cristobalite, silica, isobutyrate ester, zinc oxide, ethylene glycol, octylisothiazolone; top coat = water, acrylic vinyl polymer, titanium dioxide, acrylic resin, propylene glycol, diethylene gylcol, monobutyl ether, silica, octylisothiazolone Alkyd/latex: primer = talc, mineral spirits, tall oil alkyd polymer, titanium dioxide, soya alkyd polymer, mica, mineral spirits 140-flash, cristobalite, amorphous diatomaceous earth; top coat = water, acrylic polymer, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, ethylene glycol, quartz, cristobalite Preservative-treated lumber Nominal 1-inch southern pine boards: CCA-C 0.
5-5% Applications: nail lacquers, eye shadows, lipstick, mascara, blush, foundation Optigel CG-CG INCI name: crystalline quartz (and) cristobalite Suggested use level: 0.
Other quartz clasts exhibit a so-called 'ballen texture' which may indicate that they were cristobalite, before reverting to quartz at lower temperatures.
indicated the presence of all three regulated silica polymorphs (quartz, cristobalite, and tridymite) at varying concentrations throughout the mesa [7].
The ash also contained large amounts of cristobalite, a form of silica which can cause the lung disease silicosis.