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It is a vigorous plant that grows in sun or shade, likes moist soil but survives in dry ground, spreads by creeping stems that roots at every node (leaf joint) and produces quantities of seeds from its lavender-purple flowers.
epsilon]](t) is not constant for an isothermal and isostress creep curve, but grows with the creep strain [epsilon](t) due to increasing free volume in the creeping specimen.
EDITOR'S NOTE: As you point out, creeping fig (Ficus pumila) can be hard to control.
Having spent some time recently in Sweden, I find it hard to imagine that Swedish socialism is creeping anywhere, except possibly under a rock to hide.
CONTACT: Absorption Corporation (CareFRESH and ECOfresh), (800) 242-2287; American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, 2214 Old Emmorton Road, Bel Air, MD 21015/(410) 569-0795; Animals' Apawthecary, (406) 821-4090; Animal Protection Institute, Po Box 22505, Sacramento, CA 95822/(800) 348-7387; BioChemics, (800) 738-7669; Creeping Jenny, (818) 755-9531; Dandy Doggie, (888) 236-4568; Dr.
To the north is the so-called creeping section of the fault, which rarely produces large earthquakes.
The disadvantage of the power law model is that it predicts a continuously increasing creep strain with time whereas most materials tend to eventually stop creeping at low stress.
The docudrama will offer a juicy retrospective on the 1964 sci-fi cult classic, The Creeping Terror.
Now shoot two arrows at the same spot while creeping forward as far as you comfortably can while still making a good shot.
A higher degree of orientation in the molded part should therefore express itself in the form of a reduced tendency to creep and so the creep curves would have moved in the opposite direction, show less intensified creeping at lower mold temperatures.
Plant scientists have developed Roundup Ready creeping bentgrass, which is used on putting greens throughout the United States.