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n a person to whom a debt is owed.
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The reputation of the affair of the pocket-handkerchief was of great service, and creditors relented as they thought of the hardship of depriving a pretty girl of so valuable an appliance.
The next morning they are at their penitentials again; and perhaps the poor weeping wife comes over to him, either brings him some account of what his creditors are doing, and how she and the children are turned out of doors, or some other dreadful news; and this adds to his self-reproaches; but when he has thought and pored on it till he is almost mad, having no principles to support him, nothing within him or above him to comfort him, but finding it all darkness on every side, he flies to the same relief again, viz.
Her husband had been a captain of a merchant ship, and having had the misfortune to be cast away coming home on a voyage from the West Indies, which would have been very profitable if he had come safe, was so reduced by the loss, that though he had saved his life then, it broke his heart, and killed him afterwards; and his widow, being pursued by the creditors, was forced to take shelter in the Mint.
We are quiet here; we don't get badgered here; there's no knocker here, sir, to be hammered at by creditors and bring a man's heart into his mouth.
Those receivables, which are needed to operate on a day-to-day basis, will be available only if the secured creditors agree, or in the absence of an agreement with a secured creditor, if the Court is satisfied that the secured creditors can be granted adequate protection The success or failure of this issue can torpedo a Chapter 11 proceeding.
This debate over how to deal with the insolvent and balance the interests of creditor and debtor, Skeel writes, has been waged for more than two centuries.
The five guides will promote greater creditor involvement by informing unsecured creditors of their rights and how to exercise them in each type of insolvency, be it administration, administrative receivership, compulsory liquidation, creditors' voluntary liquidation or bankruptcy.
Specifically, in certain instances, foreign creditors may perceive that the local courts and insolvency laws do not provide them with a level playing field for pursuing creditor remedies and relief vis-a-vis local debtors.
The model trust requires the plan trustee to suspend payment of benefits upon written notification from a purported creditor that the employer has become insolvent.
We let the process run its course with the Amdura estate, a situation in which we had creditor committee and bank group support.
In contrast, the allowance of a disputed claim results in a distribution to a newly allowed creditor that is only partially in excess of the minimum percentage recovery threshold.
Based on a survey of over 6,000 consumers in France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and the UK, Creditor Metrics: Consumer Approaches to Payment Protection Insurance in Europe offers detailed and unique insights into the behaviour of consumers in the context of payment protection insurance.