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squeeze cage
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Q. skins does excrete oil and keratin what exactly is the whitish cape up that you can squeeze out from underskin

A. It sounds like you refer to sebum, an oily substance secreted by (how surprising :) ) sebaceus glands attached to the hair root. It's important for the skin, although abnormal secretion of it may cause diseases such as acne.

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Nevertheless, firms said even then that key effects of the credit squeeze were to be seen in impacts on property disposal and acquisition.
They were largely blamed for causing the credit squeeze that brought banks such as Northern Rock to their knees.
4bn in July as the credit squeeze continued to hit firms.
Would-be car buyersmay be finding it hard to raise loans as the banks continue the credit squeeze, but taxi drivers are finding it easier to replace their traditional black cabs.
Manager Dean Thomas expects to lose some of his big-name players because of the credit squeeze and the glut of postponements that's stifled the club's cash-flow.
He has needed all his experience to tackle the banking crisis and the credit squeeze.
Earlier, the bank had slashed interest rates to their lowest level since 1951 and also indicated that more steps were needed to prevent a credit squeeze.
The OECD predicts that US output will fall in the first half of 2009 before gradually picking up as the effects of the credit squeeze abate, the housing market bottoms out and lower interest rates start to take effect.
There had been a "significant fall" in sales in the UK commercial and residential markets, thanks to the credit squeeze, its report said.
The bank said it took a pounds 398m knock from the credit squeeze in the first half.
Forget the credit squeeze and go and enjoy a good British holiday, three cheers to Messrs Brown and Cameron for leading the way
LONDON: Banks scrambled for cash yesterday to cover their funding needs as a year-end credit squeeze intensified and the European Central Bank stepped in to lend three-month funds at its highest rate in 6-1/2 years.