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credit rating,

n the evaluation of a person's responsibility toward meeting financial obligations.
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Credit-Rating, a nationally recognized credit rating agency in Ukraine has today announced that it upgraded to uaBBB with stable outlook from uaBBB- (uaBBB minus) the long-term credit rating assigned to registered housing bonds (series A, B) issued by Kiev-based RC Vidrodzhennia LLC ('issuer' or 'company').
Our Committee on Corporate Finance (CCF) was an early and forceful advocate of the Credit Rating Agency Reform Act of 2006.
The yield investors get on preferred stocks depends on current interest rates, the credit rating of the issuing company and investor interest in the offering, experts say.
An account should be established at a bank with a good credit rating to serve as a "delivery versus payment" custodian for the securities in the investment portfolio.
The merging of our two established teams will lead to greater cost efficiency in this specialized business which requires constant investment in information and expertise in order to maintain a high level of professionalism," said Vanya Vasileva, a CEO of the newly founded Agency for Credit Ratings and Analyses.
Credit rating agencies (CRAs) play a vital role in the U.
These firms not only have sophisticated internal credit rating departments, but also rely on external credit ratings for comparison purposes.
The focus on recent corporate scandals has also brought congressional attention to--and scrutiny of--the inner workings, the power and the role of the credit rating agencies.
If we fail to restore our credit rating, Vermont's options for obtaining new power supplies, through contract or construction, will be extremely limited.
Business Credit Ratings Pro can be used individually or as part of an integrated set of credit rating tools.
Fitch's bond fund credit and volatility ratings do not address the likelihood of a timely or ultimate payment of interest or principal of the securities issued by the trust and should not be considered as a substitute for Fitch's international long or short-term credit ratings.