credit rating

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credit rating,

n the evaluation of a person's responsibility toward meeting financial obligations.
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rating is a preferred option for the developing countries that do not have a sovereign credit rating and would like to know its investment attractiveness to the foreigners.
Furthermore, GCR made specific recommendations to NamibRe to address its financial reporting challenges to prevent losing its credit rating.
By establishing stringent, yet clear criteria for registration, Congress would not only ensure the continued validity of ratings issued by registered credit rating agencies, but would generate more competition in the credit rating market.
An obligor or a debt liability with uaBB credit rating is characterized with the LOWER THAN SUFFICIENT creditworthiness as compared to other Ukrainian obligors or debt liabilities.
The consolidation of the expertise and the reputation of two leading rating agencies will contribute to the further establishment of the credit rating as a crucial factor of trust in the business and institutions in Bulgaria.
The most effective way to increase competition in the credit rating market would be to eliminate the broken "no action" process the SEC uses to recognize NRSROs, and to replace it with transparent registration requirements.
Even though Moody's upgraded the state's credit rating to A3 from Baa1, California still has a low rating compared with other states, Angelides also pointed out in his prepared statement.
To help keep her credit rating blemish-free, she has elected to have the $900 biweekly mortgage payments automatically deducted from her checking account Now, with the outstanding bills eliminated, her goal is to improve her credit rating over the next two years so that she can refinance again to a regular bank loan, which should carry an even lower interest rate than she has now.
If ESRX succeeds in acquiring CMX, the transaction could result in a significant increase in leverage, which Fitch views as a potential negative for ESRX's and CMX's credit ratings.
Under the proposed rule, any credit rating agency (CRA) that meets this codified definition would effectively be a NRSRO.
Mayor James Hahn called Friday for the Local Agency Formation Commission to reconsider its financial studies of San Fernando Valley secession now that the city's potential credit rating has been downgraded.
In contrast, preferred stock usually moves only if the credit rating of the issuing company changes or when interest rates swing.